What is EOCSA?

Essential Oil Consumer Safety Advocates (EOCSA) was first formed as a social media group forum on Facebook with the purpose of addressing dangerous and unsafe advice, recommendations and the myths often found and given about aromatherapy and for the use of essential oils and essential oil products. Our focus is and has always been to intentionally and purposely give accurate and balanced information about the safe use of essential oils, expose myths and address fact vs. fiction in the aromatherapy arena. We are a brand neutral organization and are not affiliated with any specific company or individual.

As we have grown in membership, we have also built a leadership team of professionals, partnered with other group forums who have defined purposes and consult with an advisory panel of leading professionals, instructors and researchers within the aromatherapy community. Our resources and desire to provide sound foundational information to help the essential oil enthusiast learn, research and become more informed so they can make better choices for themselves and their family has quickly outgrown the confines of a social media forum. The solution was to step outside of the social media platform which limits our abilities to a self-owned platform of a website. Here, we can expand and do much more than we are able to through sound bites and the limitations of Facebook.

We hope you will bookmark this site, share it and its contents with others and gain much needed factual guidance for a better understanding of aromatherapy.

Please take a few moments to meet our team, and if you are not currently a member of the Essential Oil Consumer Safety Advocates Facebook group, click the link to request membership and join the discussions.



Advocate for the safe, respectful and responsible use of essential oils based on current scientific research and evidence-based safety information.


Share reliable resources, credible educational outlets and factual information for the greater good of the aromatherapy community.


Promote a balanced approach to aromatherapy, safety, education and accountability within the aromatherapy community.