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The focus of the Essential Oil Consumer Safety Advocates’ Facebook group is safety, a balanced approach to aromatherapy and teaching facts and correct information along with exposing myths and misinformation surrounding essential oils and aromatherapy. There are a number of topics we do not cover in EOCSA such as what oils (or other substances) to use for specific medical/health needs, company/brand or product reviews and recommendations, in depth science and analytics, recipes, and testimonials, etc. However, we have partnered up with several wonderfully informative groups who focus on and address areas we do not cover and also recommend additional groups we are not currently partnering with officially that we feel meet our standards for reliable and trustworthy. These groups offer good, reliable information and are relatively balanced and safety conscious groups being led by and supported by ethical people within the community. We encourage you to take a look at these groups if you are not already a member.

*NOTE: This list may be amended at any time to add to or remove a group as we see the need to do so.

Our partner groups:


Additional groups we recommend: