Plant Medicine Comparison with Infographic

Have you ever wondered how the different aspects and modalities of plant medicine compare to one another? Or when one should be used over or instead of the other?  Too often, there is a misunderstanding of herbal medicine. One form and modality is considered equal to another or we throw the most potent form available at a need when a less concentrated and aggressive modality would be the better option. In plant/herbal medicine and in aromatherapy, less is usually best and will yield better results as opposed to more, bigger or most powerful. You just don’t need or want to use an extra heavy-duty option when a light-handed and more gentle option will do the job nicely.  In other words, essential oils are not always the answer for everything.

Ro Xana Feltman, Flower Essence Co-Creatrix, Herbalist and Aroma-Alchemist at Wild Mystic Arts put the comparative progress of these modalities into a visual infographic to help us understand so we can make more informed choices in our health and wellness approach.  She gave us permission to share it through EOCSA. Take a look.

plant-medicine-comparison-infographic-pdf-2 plant-medicine-comparison-infographic-pdf-2